From 21-29 August 2021 we are in Sehlis near Taucha – east of Leipzig!

As a special feature, we will be holding the camp with international participation this year – here we are very much looking forward to it. Due to the origin of and good cooperation with the ÖJD/EYS, our camp was mentioned on its homepage – and we already have the promise that four French women will participate with us… So if you are not from Germany – we have some special information for you – International
In the camp management we discussed whether we should extend the camp so that there is more time for each other. As our first international guests signalled that they think this is okay – we are extending the camp: one day earlier arrival – one day later departure – so from 22-28 August to 21-29 August!

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or you can take a look at Camp2012 – here we have been to Sehlis before.

Our project partner wrote the following for the application for our camp, which we already pledged as a camp location in 2021 at the end of 2019, because we understand the request well and are happy to help here:

We are from the “Horizonte AG” from the Vierseithof “An der Schmiede 4” in Sehlis. We are a team of club members, friends and federal volunteers who are committed to planning and implementing the construction site for a future educational and meeting house. Kurz & Knapp: The south house of the courtyard of our non-profit association “Workshop for Sustainable Living and Working” will be ecologically renovated and expanded by 2022, so that a large event room and guest accommodation will be created. The aim is to create a permanent, non-commercial point of contact for the people of the region.

Information about the farm, association and Horizonte AG: The Vierseithof has been the focus of a joint project for 8 years, which is supported by many people and consists of the courtyard buildings and the large garden. The non-profit association owns the village. On the one hand, the inhabitants of the municipality have their centre of gravity here. On the other hand, the vegetable cooperative “Red Beets” is the formative working collective and manages the adjacent field. In addition, many individuals participate in a variety of ways.

Information about the educational an
d meeting roomWe are convinced that ideas and dreams need space in which they can grow. The previously little-used south house of the farm makes it possible. When we are finished, the upper floor should be used for groups, seminars, initiatives, neighbors, girlfriends, passers-by and and and. With a multifunctional room of approx. 100 m2, there is space for all kinds of things – in addition to guest and overnight rooms, kitchen, sanitary facilities and direct access to the outdoor area with terrace and garden. The building will end up with barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible.
On the content level, we are already concerned, for example.B what a “good life for all” can look like in a post-growth society; agriculture and solidarity economy, rural development and democratic education. We want to work closely with various initiatives in the Leipzig region in the design of the later programmes.

For the construction until 2022, we have received part of the total costs approved by the LEADER Panel. About a quarter of the construction work was planned by us in our own efforts and in participatory activities.

What work can the participants expect? Basically, the interior design is about to begin, which is associated with simple carpentry and masonry work, among other things. Regardless of this, there are works that are not tied to the progress of construction, such as plastering the old walls indoors and beautifully reworking and installing gates, doors and windows.

Conditions with us? You can stay in the garden, in construction wagons or on the mattress floor in the field barn with a view of the sunrise above the field. We can build a makeshift outdoor kitchen. There are compost toilets, outdoor showers or, if necessary, showers and toilets in the municipality. A contact person from Horizonte AG will always be on site. A highlight is certainly the fresh vegetables from the beetroot. We are also happy to talk about the further developments in our community project and the solidarity economy.

…Information can also be