English for you – but in the camp standardly we only speak german! OK most of us can speak “broken”-english and we all have hands and feet…

If you are not from Germany and are interested in our current camp, we would be happy to hear from you.

Since the idea of our WorkCamp is a “copy” of the work of the ÖJD/EYS – only transformed down to the regional level – we are very connected to the international camp work.

In spring 2021, our camp appeared for the first time on the EYS homepage and was thus noticed by international partners – you probably became aware of us through this contact – great!

Our camps are organized 100% on a voluntary basis – so to speak, nobody gets paid for the camp organization. Everything runs alongside school, studies, or work. Some feel so connected that they even use their annual holiday for the WorkCamp time because they are not students or pupils. That’s why we only organize one WorkCamp per year, which takes place for one week and, of course, the camp language is only German.

We would like to welcome around 5 participants from outside Germany in the future. This would add a splash of color to our group and broaden the view of our german participants.

And a few words about health insurance: Participants living in countries with which Germany has a social security agreement (EU countries, Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, etc.) must bring a certificate of entitlement or a European Health Insurance Card in order to be treated in Germany. Please remember to obtain this European Health Insurance Card from your statutory health insurance. Unfortunately, illnesses that already existed before the start of the trip and chronic illnesses are not covered by the Insurance.

Here you can find more information from the European Commission about the European Health Insurance Card.

How to get to Leipzig (but please do not buy tickets yet! You will only receive binding information from us whether the camp actually takes place four weeks before it).

Before you leave, please make sure that you have saved our mobile phone numbers and tried out beforehand whether you can reach one of us – so that the connection is 100% secure! – in case of emergency!

By train – to Leipzig
here is the link from Google Maps, which shows you three possibilities – we have described the S-Bahn variant below
– from the main train station or from the regional train stations take the public transport to Taucha – district Sehlis: S-Bahn S4 direction Eilenburg/Falkenberg/Hoyerswerda – 5 stops to Taucha train station; at Taucha train station: Bus 175 direction Borsdorf/Leipzig-Sommerfeld – 9 stops to Sehlis Treesenweg. Here is the line network map – Attention! there are separate maps for “day” and “night”! Line network plans – Leipzig city transport – the timetables are available here (enter the line name “Transport” S for S-Bahn – then “S4” or button “Bus” and search for “175”) Prices currently from the main station to the camp location – 3.60 € one way

By plane
– Airport: Leipzig/Halle Airport
– From the airport, take the public transport via Leipzig main station to Taucha, Sehlis district – see above under “By train”.

By bus
– to Leipzig

– from the bus station (it is right next to the main station) take the local public transport to Taucha district Sehlis – see above under “By train”

With a carpool
to Leipzig
from the bus or main station you can take the local public transport to Taucha, Sehlis district – see above under “By train”.

If you arrive near us in the dark/at night due to train delays etc.: Please call us on your mobile phone so that we can pick you up in an emergency. Please do not get into the car with unknown persons. We will send you the registration number of our vehicle and a photo of the driver so that you can be sure that you are not getting into the car with criminals.

Here you will find general information that might help you in your search for public transport (plane, train, carpooling…) – on the homepage of the EYS! https://eys-workcamp.de/verkehrsmittel/