In 2019, we asked our former participants about our WorkCamps.

You can find the best answers here.

Do you associate a positive feeling with the WorkCamps?

Yes, creating values together, that pushes you tremendously!
Yes, definitely. You were useful and had fun along the way.
Yes, of course. It's always been a very good time so far.
Yes, it's always fun to help with meaningful projects and the feeling of having achieved something is always positive.
Yes, a feeling of strong fellowship, a relaxed get-together, friendly, interesting encounters and an enormous gain in experience on various levels.
Definitely. The work camp is THE event to make a difference and at the same time to promote to the community and to make new contacts.

When you drive past a former camp location, do you think back to it and have the feeling that you have made a good difference?

Yes for sure. I like to remember the time of the camp and even years later I realise how good it was to have worked there.
Yes, even if perhaps not so many people benefit in Leulitz. But I often drive past the Schaddelmühle...
Yes, and it happens quite regularly on motorbike summer excursions that you visit 3-5 former camp locations.
Yes, but above all the feeling of having been enriched.
Yes and no, because I didn't help myself, but I am a bit proud of our WorkCamp group.
Of course you are happy about the result afterwards, when you drive by after a camp and also see the further development.
Yes, but because the camps were usually so far away, you don't often pass by there, but when you do, it's great, because then you remember and something like that strengthens your self-confidence!

Please tell us the reasons why you were there or why you supported the cause?

In the beginning it was a group dynamic. I knew some of the participants and wanted to have a good time with them. In the meantime, it simply belongs in the calendar every year and if there is time, I am there.
At the first camp (2005), because everyone was there and I couldn't miss anything, then later because I think the project is great and I was always in the leadership team.
The world as a guest in Germany or because at that time the preservation or the laying of the foundation stone was important to me as a kick-start. 
I was always convinced that I was doing something good for other people. I also love the community and the feeling of creating something together.
Doing something together with your hands creates community.
Good cause, fun with crafts, community, free time.
In the beginning, it was the stories from the first camp I didn't go to and couldn't join in. In between (2006 to 2008) it's hard to say, somehow you were involved with the JG. Then I was in the leadership, so you're automatically involved.
To spend time with friends and to get things moving together.  Working together is fun and it's cool to see what you've achieved. In addition, the leisure activities in the afternoon are great (especially eating ice cream).
Creating something through young people under a Christian sign - that shows the "normal world" that being a Christian is not a theoretical church visit, but a lived faith.... 

What do you think? What new leisure activities should we offer?

Personally, I really liked the climbing in the quarry. We could offer that again at future camps. Going swimming is always good too.
Summer theatre.
My memories are that there was really everything that shreds!
As usual, a "big free time" with swimming, ice cream, Jugger, TT, adventure education on Tuesday.
It doesn't have to be anything new, a good mix of previous activities is top.
Out into nature. Something relaxing.
It doesn't matter, it's not so important. Boating, climbing, pottery are all great, a film, a campfire.
Maybe a cooking evening together or a small volleyball / football tournament... maybe a visit to the climbing tower in Mockau (if bad weather is in sight......).
Our current leisure activities are quite well designed and are adapted to the conditions at each camp anyway, so they change.
We haven't had diving yet, ballooning would also be something new, caving, Attention! free time must not be neglected - an oversupply of offers will never be used and leads to frustration in the preparation team. If special leisure activities are announced early on, this will also encourage one or the other to join in - so using this to advertise/attract? Once you've been there, the world looks different anyway.

Did it encourage you and touch you positively when the newspaper or the radio did a report about our camps?

Yes, definitely. It is important to tell the public about the camp.
Public relations are important for such a project.
I definitely got positive feedback from third parties who read about it in the newspaper, which surprised me positively.
Yes, that is a very nice recognition and reminder.
Definitely. It shows that the cause itself is also important to the outside world.
Especially if you were in the newspaper's picture. 😉 Publicity for such projects in any form is simply great!