From 06 August to 13 August 2023, we are going to Machern this time and we are helping the Förderverein Schloss und Landschaftsgarten zu Machern e. V. .

Dear Wörkis,

For our anniversary WorkCamp this year we are going “back to the roots” to Machern. We are very happy that we can once again support a project in our community. Together with the municipality of Machern and the Förderverein Schloss und Landschaftsgarten zu Machern e. V., we want to renovate the knights’ castle and make the park more attractive.

This year we have again decided to make the camp international. This means that German will be the main language spoken at this WorkCamp. Anyone who wants to get to know the German language better is in good hands at our camp. For international participants there is a minimum age of 16 years and for organisational reasons we have set a maximum number of 5 international participants. Participants should also make their own travel arrangements to the camp location. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. You can find more information here.

Our work tasks for this year are: Clearing paths and forest trails; repairing the platform on the knight’s castle and cleaning, revising and repairing the signs.

Registration for WorkCamp 2023 is now open. (The registration is only available in German. If you have any questions, please contact us!)( As of 10.05.23 : 10 participants)

Below you can see a small overview of our working environment this year.

Here’s what was in the press:

Flyer for this year:

This year’s promotional video on our YouTube channel: