The parish house Mölbis in the present parish of Leipziger Neuseenland of our new youth pastor Stephan Vorwergk was in a general renovation – here we helped to cut off the old plaster and apply a pre-plaster, we walled up a quarry stone wall under instruction, cleaned roof tiles, prepared the roof of an outbuilding with the roof covering Stenchly for re-covering,

In our spare time we were swimming and grilling on Lake Störmthal, had set up scout yurts for the campfire and a giant trampoline in the parish garden, father Dallmann – a fighter for environmental protection in GDR times – paid a visit and were full for ice-cream dinner in the pizzeria/ice cream parlour Rötha. We stayed mostly in tents, group rooms and kitchen we had in the rectory.

Flyers for participants, to call for support and the participant letter:

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You can get the best impression of the camp location, the “working and living conditions” in the WorkCamp and our leisure activities via the photo gallery: