10.02.2023: We are currently working on updating the English version of our website.

30.10.2022: Currently the English version of our website is not up to date. To get 100% correct information please contact us at: jgmachern14@gmail.com.

19.08.2021: Update – the websites automatically translated English is now proofreaded (at least for everything except the archive posts about previous camps), so there shouldn’t be any significant mistakable formulations anymore (hopefully;).

08.05.2021: Hey – we are international!! Unfortunately it is a long way to duplicate our website in an english part. Sorry, but it’s still not finished yet…

The english version of our website is only mend for cooperating organisations and parents of volounteers – because often they can’t understand german. The camp is completely in the german language. Please come with good school marks in “german” 🙂

The whole functions of picture-galeries and so on only run on the german site. Also the automatically translation of our german information is really funny sometimes or mistakable (?) and links don’t run either.

Thanks for your understanding.