We organize the WorkCamps together with interested friends as members of the young congregation of our evangelical parish. The preparation is fun and the camps themselves are a wonderful mixture of “doing/creating/helping/increasing your own skills” and “relaxing and having fun with nice people”. Just a hearty invitation – whether Christian or non-denominational! We are looking forward to new participants, camp locations and supporters!

(Photo of the camp 2005 in Leulitz)

How it all starts…

It all began in 2004, when we started with adolescents from the young congregation of Machern (from Altenbach, Leulitz, Machern, Brandis) at the St. Laurentius church in Leulitz. The project was continued at this location in the next 2 years.

Afterwards, the young people demanded that the WorkCamps continue to operate. Since then, every year the work capacity of about 20 young people is advertised for a week in summer vacation – non-profit projects apply – a camp location is selected…

This truly mark leaving time together has an effect on the world: youth helps, Christians and non-Christians get involved, one can still say years later having contributed to this projects success… and it quickly has addictive character see feedback!

… Only through the purely honorary organization of the camps by young people, the support of the camp partner, a grant from the youth welfare office (about 500 euros) and the manifold donations (financial, material, food, tool lending) are the camps at all.

Thank you for all the help!

You can see the camp management 2021 (without Immanuel) here:

We stand up for clean youth work! As proof for our qualifications and reliability in dealing with children and adolescents here the current documents. Four team leaders 2021 are in possession of the federal uniformly Juleica (Youth Leader Card):

… the idea of the WorkCamps comes from the Ecumenical Youth Services – the experiences of the international WorkCamps have been transformed down at the county level and are working well!

We are, so to speak, the (grandchildren?) children of the ÖJD (in 2016 we celebrated 60 years of international WorkCamp work in Wünsdorf).

From May 3rd to 4th 2019 five of us got acquainted with the ÖJD in Wünsdorf. We were warmly welcomed and experienced a very intense time with wonderful people from Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia and Germany – thank you for that! Our cooperation continues by being able to live every part of the training in Wünsdorf every year – unfortunately, in 2020 – due to corona the meeting was cancelled.

Snowball effect

We have “copied” our WorkCamps from the international WorkCamp organization “Ecumenical Youth Services”. If you want to try regional camps, you will find our templates regarding organization, forms and videos about international youth work here on the announcement page