Thanks to the youth office of the district of Leipzig – here we get 500 Euros for each camp.

Through the Landesjugendpfarramt Sachsen we receive for all German participants up to 20 years per day per participant - 4,50 Euro - Thank you!

Thanks – to the Leipziger Volkszeitung – public relation is very important in such a project – we have always been able to work reliably with the LVZ. This allowed us to reach project partners with a call, to raise funds and to inform everyone about what we are doing – thank you for that. We have also been awarded the Heimatpreis 2008 by the district of Leipzig and the Leipziger Volkszeitung – see Acknowledgement

Thanks to the bakery & pastry shop Keller Machern – bread and rolls – even if the camps does not take place in Machern

Every year we receive delicious regional products from Landgut Nemt: milk, yoghurt etc. – Thank you!

Thanks to the Scout tribe st. James Machern – great Scout yurt

Axel Kobler from kobler-Transportservice from Leipzig-Baalsdorf likes to provide us with two large brace hammers – and there is enough in every camp for bracing. – Thank you!

The Böhme family from the engineering office for water management and civil engineering in Leulitz supports us regularly – thank you.

Thanks to the department Children, Youth, Education in the church district Leipziger Land – various support – among others this website has become possible about this… or click here

Thanks to the caretaker service Bachmann Machern – helps if help is needed: provides his van partly with double axle hanger (tiltable)

Thanks to all those who support our camps almost regularly through private donations. We abdicate to name people here for “data protection law reasons”. 🙂