Basically, we can talk about everything!

Even if it would be nice if there were better conditions in the locations, we have made a lot possible so far. If intensive support is felt from the project side, we also set many levers in motion. So we have already brought a “meadow shower”, crockery with cutlery and tents for overnight stay as well as a kitchen… and we were still happy!

Through our camp archive (camps) you can get an impression of what was going on and under what conditions we carried out the camps.


Our WorkCamps support non-profit, needy projects, associations and organizations in upcoming construction projects and at the same time contribute to youth work in our district.

The WorkCamp location should preferably be located in the district of Leipzig (achievable exceptions are possible – for the funding by the Youth Office the participation of young people from this district is required – not the place through which the participants should have the main residence in the district of Leipzig).

So far, 15 to 20 participants between the ages of 14 and 30 took part in our camps. The hard core so far is even taking leave. Exceptions also include siblings or children of active workcampers who are younger. Some participants only help temporarily, as they e. g. not have so much vacation…

In terms of schedule, we are currently testing the penultimate holiday week of the Saxon summer holidays. Before that, the camp always took place in the last week of the holiday – this excluded some participants due to the short time until the beginning of school.

We will work together about six hours a day and offer a varied leisure program in the afternoon.

So far, we have knocked off plaster, done earthworks, torn down, set, grouted and plastered walls and (quarry) walls and done many other works.

You should be aware that the planned work of effort and scope cannot always be done by the WorkCamp. So you should plan to finish the remaining work by your own forces after our camp.

At least one – usually several – of the camp leaders are in possession of a valid federal youth leader card Juleica – see also “About us

We would be delighted if you could inspire camp participants from your place for the WorkCamp through your local channels.

Yes – we are part of the Christian (Evangelical Lutheran) youth work. We live our faith by organizing the WorkCamps and bringing good things into the world. Therefore, no participant must be a member of a Church or be afraid that we will mission or forcibly braise him for our faith.

Application period

We usually advertise the application period via the Leipziger Volkszeitung. Until 2018, this was the case in the first quarter of the camp year. However, as this is too late for some participants to plan their holidays, we want to shift this to the last quarter of the previous year. The goal is, that we decided on a camp location at the end of October of last year. Since we are flexible, we have determined the camp locations for 2020 and 2021 in 2019 – so there was no camp call in 2020.

But you can just as easily use the contact options below at any time of the year – a preliminary interview would certainly be useful before a written application.

This is what an announcement in the LVZ looks like (here is an example from March 2016):


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Thanks to donations and support from the Youth Office, the project partner, apart from the building material, the normal ancillary costs for enabling camp life (water, sewage, electricity, etc.) and accident insurance during work, do not incur any costs. Please check with your insurer to what extent our operation is covered by you. This insurance cover is a basic requirement for the camp. For the leisure time of the WorkCamp we take out an extra insurance via the parish.

Desired framework conditions

The works should be mainly lay works, several of which must be feasible even in bad weather (if it rains all week). We are very happy to work with specialist companies so that the gain in experience for our participants is not neglected. It is also important to us that we do not work with “stone age methods” but use modern technology (meaning: clearly you get to your destination with the pickaxe and many people – but a mini excavator would better advance your project in this example and release more people from the camp for other work.)

It is important for us that during working hours we have a decision-making contact person on the side for the clarification of all things related to work.

We only need a kitchen incl. dishes etc. for all participants, sanitary facilities (WC / shower) and a place to sleep (sleep is usually done with air mattress and sleeping bag).

Here is a video review of the WorkCamp 2020 in Mutzschen – here you can see a concrete example of how a camp can run – otherwise you can “work out” this via our “Camp Archive”:

… and if you are available to us as a project partner for a small promotional video, you can personally convince for your cause (example Mutzschen 2020):