… is bad for the eyes 🙂 … but mostly very important!

In the camp management, at least one is in possession of a valid federal youth leader card – Juleica. In this way, we ensure normal standards for youth groups. We are aware of our supervisory and other obligations as organisers.

Each participant is insured for accidents through the project partner during working hours. The leisure area is covered by the general insurance of the Protestant state church and an insurance policy specifically for the WorkCamp for the organizer of the parish of Machern-Püchau-Bennewitz. Of course, as everywhere, this only works if you are not willingly involved in the destruction of something – here we would then demand compensation for damages from you.

You or your parents/guardians are responsible for the loss of property. In case of illness, your health insurance will be used.

If, despite warnings, you repeatedly disregard certain rules of interpersonal coexistence or commit other gross violations, we have the right to refer you to the camp or to have you picked up by your parents/legal guardian/custodian at your own expense.

If you are distancing yourself from the group – please report to the group management (for under 18 year-olds – always go at least in pairs).

Of course, the group management will ensure that the protection of minors (alcohol, cigarettes, sexuality, drugs) etc. is respected and that we can all continue to live normally after the week.

Important! Do not encourage minors to use illegal drugs (alcohol on under 16 years of age…) and move within the usual values, of course also in relation to the inhabitants of the respective camp location.

I agree that my data (exclusively for WorkCamp purposes) can be stored electronically and media on which I am depicted can be used for public relation purposes – in the way www.workcamps-machern.de can be seen on the homepage.