Here in the future we will set up all the things that we consider useful for an organization of such WorkCamps… with the aim of making you want to do just that!!! If you have any questions or are unsure: invite us to you – we can tell you enthusiastically about it…

Unfortunately, we can only provide you with the documents here as pdf. If you need it differently – get in touch with us – see contact below.

Through the Youth Office we receive support, in general and financially, for our WorkCamps. There is also the Small Projects Funding Directive and the corresponding forms for download. Mrs. Stache (thanks for this!) always helps us with questions – here the link to the district office

Before the respective camp we travel several times in the camp place to collect donations or ask for support. We start by distributing a flyer “We help – how can you help” – examples of this can be found at almost every camp – click here. The Leipziger Volkszeitung flanks the whole thing with info articles, so that everyone knows that this is something serious when we ring. Through local maps we assign the streets to the collection groups of our people. We write down who we have reached, who can donate/borrow what, and then have an overview just before the camp or in the camp.

Thanks to Solidarités Jeunesses in Paris for the videos!

… and if you really want to experience international youth work within the framework of WorkCamps, you can become a participant or team member at the Ecumenical Youth Services – all in German and English and wonderful interpersonal contacts: ÖJD