In 2021, we will continue to be affected by the coronavirus in our actions. So far (as of April 2021) there is nothing concrete to say for August 2021. There will probably be a similar hygiene concept for our group again – but even that is still unclear. As soon as we can say something here – let’s write it in here. Until then, only praying helps.

From today’s point of view, we would like to see you perform a Covid antigen test for yourself 5 days before the camp at your home. When you arrive, we would first carry out a test with you at our expense. Of course, it would be good if you did not take any risks towards contagion just before the camp – so some restraint and caution in your contacts would be appropriate – thank you. Here we trust you!

Here you can see our hygiene concept and the Corona special participant card from 2020 – so that you get about an idea of what was possible at least in August 2020… But, of course, this is not binding for 2021!!!