We would like to keep a circle of supporters for our WorkCamps and expand it further. If you support us regularly so far, you can see here.

We are grateful for any financial support at any time of the year! Bank details: Bank für Kirche und Diakonie – LKG Sachsen IBAN DE61 3506 0190 1670 4090 38 Purpose: “RT 3122 – Donation WorkCamp Machern” (RT3122 is the assignment number for the parish of Machern-Püchau-Bennewitz)

I don’t want to donate – but I want to support it, what is needed or how can I help, even though the camp location is not in my village? Depending on the camp work tasks, we need e. g. tools, construction equipment, tips for a highlight for the closing party (e. g. band, magician, music), occupational safety material (gloves, goggles, hearing protection, construction helmets, hand detergents, hand care products), expert advice for the upcoming tasks (we publish the work catalogue as soon as possible under the menu item “Camps” – click here on the camp of the current year), tips for leisure activities or connections

I would like to support you and would like to help you with my whole family – would that be possible? I also want to make my children feel that you can make a difference together. We would be grateful for such an offer – here is also a day-by-day participation or without overnight stay with us – just contact us – see below contact.

I am an entrepreneur myself or in a company responsible for a certain area – how can I support you? We strive to appeal to companies close to our current camp location regarding concrete support – this is not always crowned with success. Of course, we would be grateful if we had companies in the “backhand” who agree to lend for example professional tools to us for the duration of the camp or to contribute financially with a (deductible) donation. We would not have had sufficient financial resources available every year for leisure activities such as climbing forest or diving course. A certain security in the run-up would be really nice here. In the future, we want to offer a camp after-party to keep in touch or give our camp managers financial support in obtaining the Youth Leader Card… A regular donation of 50 or 100 euros a year would be very reassuring.

How did the camp project start and how can it be that something like this continues for so long, even though young people are otherwise hardly able to get to work :-))) ?? Here we recommend the information on our feedback page and at “About us”

Will I be informed what is going on in this respect? Yes – we want to build an info distributor for our supporters. You will be informed about the state of things, can get involved in decisions and thus be fully a part of the camps.