Here you can register online for the WorkCamp in Mutzschen from 13 to 20 August 2022. Afterwards you will receive an email with the data you have just entered. You are welcome to contact us – see below.

When the participant letter is ready, you will receive it with all the information. In July 2022 you will receive a short confirmation email from us. Please forgive us if we do not get back to you immediately: Everything is done on a voluntary basis and in addition to work or school…

First name and surname
so that we can reach you during the camp
Who should we notify in case of difficulties (accidents – which hopefully will not happen) and under which telephone numbers can we always reach them?
Everyone has a quirk somewhere, but here we want to know if you are e.g. epileptic, asthmatic, allergic [if e.g. food against what], haemophiliac, vegetarian, … you have to take special medication in certain situations, you can’t swim…
In the case of family insurance, with which parent – Name
Can you contribute something special to the joy of being together in the group (playing an instrument, magic tricks…)?
 We/ I are aware that the young people also have free time during the WorkCamp in which they are allowed to travel independently and are not accompanied by a supervisor. We acknowledge that the camp management is not liable for lost objects and valuables and does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of independent activities that are not arranged by the management.  
Status April 2021: we think that Corona will not be completely over in summer 2021. Due to rapid changes in the situation regarding the pandemic, the situation can quickly improve or worsen. Therefore, please print out the current Corona-COVID 19 sheet shortly before the start of the camp and bring it filled out. Thank you for your understanding.