What can we help with, where can we tackle in Sehlis?

It should be known that with our WorkCamp we are part of the association's own resources within the framework of a LEADER grant. And: around the association there is a large number of interested people and supporters, who, depending on the time fund, also advance the project by hand. There are participatory construction site weekends etc. and targeted work assignments. Therefore, it is not 100% certain how far it has progressed on the construction site until the end of August – our camp start.

As of March 2021, the following tasks for our camp could be offered to us:

  1. Ground floor: Insulation wood-beamed ceiling and ceiling covering (horizon slab, bicycle storage, if necessary Heating room, if necessary workshop), 3-4 people
  2. Ground floor: New joint interior walls and if necessary. plaster: (horizon sand, bicycle storage, if necessary Heating room, workshop, distribution station), 2 – 10 people
  3. visibly sanding and, if necessary, oils ( 1-3 people). This
    is a long task and can be done by differe
    nt people in between times
  4. Kehlboden upstairs: Filling (if necessary something lighter than clay
    pouring, possibly also the Liapor, which is currently being installed)
  5. Flooring, 2-4 people (depending on the progress of the construction, this has alrea
    dy been done by then. I would leave open)
  6. Doors and gates repaired ground floor : is complex. must b
    e well prepared/guided. (2 person). I'd keep in mind,
    but rather spontaneously put into the week or not.
  7. Otherwise support the work upstairs at the time – only at this time not more precisely d
    efinable as "interior construction / drywall"
  8. The support beams above the large gates must be reinforced with wooden planks in three places. The task also fits well into the
    work camp week.