Here we list all those who support our camp 2021 in Sehlis:

Through our Scout tribe St. James we get again Scout yurts, which make the camp life really “special”.

Every year, through the youth office of our district, we receive a project grant of 500 euros – thank you.

Through the Landesjugendpfarramt Sachsen we receive for all German participants up to 20 years per day per parti – 4,50 Euro – Thank you!

Thanks to the pharmacy at the market Taucha – Mrs. Glöckner for the support!

Thank you to the young people from the youth service at the end of June in Bad Lausick – the collection for our camp was collected here: over 100 euros!

The Leipziger Volkszeitung is always a reliable partner for us to inform about the camp.

Thanks to the Nemt Estate! Here we received dairy products for our camp: yoghurt, various fresh cheeses, milk…

We received fresh vegetables from the “Rote Beete” vegetable cooperative and were able to use the double-axle trailer and the cold store – thank you!

Thanks to the children, youth and education office in the Leipziger Land church district – various support – among other things, this website has been made possible through this… or click here

The Ecumenical Youth Services – the mother organisation of our WorkCamps, so to speak – are a role model for us. Karolin Minkner, the camp coordinator, always has an open ear for us, helps and keeps in touch. Thanks to the information about our camp in 2021 on the ÖJD homepage, we have been internationally positioned ever since. Thank you!

The bakery Keller from Machern supported us with delicious bread and rolls, cakes, pancakes… – 1,000 thanks for that!

The ice cream parlour Lilly Vanilly in Waldsteinberg – THE address for our favourite ice cream… supported us with good conditions for our traditional “Eat ice-cream to the brim”. After all, our participants ate 315 scoops.

Thank you to all private donors who donated during our street collection in Taucha and Sehlis or via the bank account. We were particularly surprised by a donation of 1,000 euros – thank you!