WorkCamp August 16-22, 2020 in Mutzschen:

You can find those who support us every year here!

As always, the Leipziger Volkszeitung was by our side – Thank you very much!

The bakery Keller from Machern supported us again with bread, rolls and other goodies – thank you!

The MotoSoulResort at Mutzschen Castle takes care of the "ice food" for us. Thank you!

1,000 thanks to the fire brigade Mutzschen! Here we could easily use the showers as well as the kitchen with common room for the entire WorkCamp period.

Our project partner Stadt und Schloss Mutzschen e.V. is almost gigantic for our well-being – thank you!

The district of Leipzig has again easily granted us 500 Euro funding for our WorkCamp – thank you for making this possible in the district!

Thanks to Elke Nieber from Machern for their intensive and loving support every year!

From the vegetable cooperative Beetroot eG in Sehlis near Taucha we received a vegetable box – Thank you!

Through the Ratskeller Mutzschen we received a meal for the whole troupe – thanks to Lutz Wagner!

The butcher's shop Schicketanz gave us a delicious Soljanka for the friday lunch – Thank you!

The Böhme family from the engineering office for water management and civil engineering in Leulitz supported us with their double-axle trailer and drinks – thank you!

Thanks to the Scout tribe St. James Makers – here we got the big yurt for the camp!

The transport service Kobler from Leipzig provided us with a large 30 kg Stemm hammer. Without this, we would have needed at least twice the time for the foundations!

Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG brought us two boxes of juice, a bag of apples and plums – thank you!

From the Nemt estate we received fresh goods again: Milk and Jogurth – Thank you!