Due to the rapidly changing Corona situation, we decided quite late to carry out the WorkCamp after all. 16 to 22 August 2020: Here we did “pioneering work” on the former large kitchen. This has been closed for fire safety reasons for years and is to be expanded by the association Stadt und Schloss Mutzschen e. V. as a meeting and event centre and thus made usable again for the place. We helped to remove and clean 1.000 ceiling acoustic hole panels, we sorted and cleared stock from the school table to the old ballot box, cleaned the stage-wood area and painted a linseed oil care paint on it (looks like new again), we removed old kitchen utensil sands and walls in the future cinema hall, emptied the basement from remnants to unused power cables and sucked the vacant rooms there.

After a project presentation by the association on Sunday, we experienced again very pleasant after-work activities: a city tour with Mr. Dittmann up to the “Eiskeller”, ice-eating full in MotoSoul at Mutzschen Castle (50 balls were possible – new record), bathing in the middle of the “Three Ponds” in the Wermsdorf Forest, doing pottery with Ute in the Künstlergut Prösitz with live artists at the work, fire show and campfire-court concert with Eric Udo Zschiesche alias Neil Young-Double Eric Rust as well as at the final evening at Mutzschen Castle delicious with campfire and fire show – after the move back to the kitchen, the last evening ended at 4:30 a.m….

Many thanks to the association Stadt und Schloss Mutzschen – especially Falk, Gero, Robert, Clemens, Hannelore and Rolf – for helping, guiding and after the extremely low response to our request-for-help-flyer the organization of everything that the heart desires… 1.000 thanks to the fire brigade, where we were able to use the well-equipped kitchen and large hall in addition to the showers&/toilets.

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Radio-post MDR Sachsen – Sachsenradio – Regionalreport of August 21 – 4:30 p.m. – 3-minute contribution – unfortunately no longer available in the MDR-Mediathek! (and we don’t want to buy this for many euros…)

Muldental TV Broadcast September 1, 2020 – Regional Magazine https://www.youtube.com/user/Muldentaltv/search?query=Regionalmagazin

You can get the best impression of the camp location, the “working and living conditions” in the WorkCamp and our leisure activities via the photo gallery:

Here is our very first camp advertising video on Youtube:

Wobbly images sometimes say more than words: our first camp advertising video!
The review in the video! Thanks to Viktoria!

For the Camp 2020, a farm project at Chemnitz, The Horizonte AG of the municipality for sustainable living and working in Sehlis at Taucha/Projekt Südhaus (by the way, we are here with the WorkCamp from 22-28 August 2021), the association Stadt und Schloss Mutzschen and the Andalusian Stud in Polenz/Hunde.