Thank you for all your support! Thank you next to the companies listed below – also to all donors from the Macherner parish and the Polish people, who with cakes, vegetables from the garden, all sorts of things that the pantry gave and also cash made the thing possible.

If anyone would like to support us every year, you would be thankful! listed. After the camp, you will all be briefly mentioned on the camp summary from 2019.

Ms. Büttner from the ice cream café Lilly Vanilly in Waldsteinberg gave us a great price per ball of ice cream for the "ice food" – after all, we managed 269 balls, most of the balls were made by Fridolin: 24 balls. – THANK YOU.

Mr. Seidel from the diving paradise has significantly lowered the standard price for the taster diving – THANK YOU.

An unnamed company made up of makers… has given enough money for ice cream.

The Nemt estate supports us again with fresh goods. Thanks to the Döbelt brothers.

We thank the fire brigade Polenz for being able to use the beer table sets and the showers in the equipment house – there were enough shower heads for our parties!! (we couldn't find a homepage to link to)

Sachsenklinik GmbH (we spoke at the Neurological Rehabilitation Center in Zeititz) supports us financially. Thank you!

The Schlossapotheke Machern supports us financially – thanks to Mrs. Scheffler.

Bakery & pastry shop cellar makers – here we have twice fetched bread and rolls for the camp – once even pancakes – thanks to Mr. Keller for the lavish supply!

Mrs. X from Machern – absolutely a fan of us, handed us so much money that we are embarrassed. THANK YOU again and again!

From the youth office of the district of Leipzig we received again 500 Euro project funding – thank you!

Planning office Hanke from Machern supported us financially – Thank you!

From the caretaker service Bachmann from Machern we received again the double axle hanger – thanks to the hydraulic tipping device we did not need to unload everything by hand. After all, we got sand twice and clay twice… – Thank you!

The Leipziger Volkszeitung supports us in public relations. Immediately after our launch with the new homepage the first article appeared. Thank you, above all, to Mrs Alekova.