We had chosen the first year of the Evangelical School Lernwelten Großdeuben (www.lernwelten-schule.de) because there are initially no large funding for new schools. That is why it was important to help here. We prepared in the 1st. Upstairs the rooms in front, so that after our preparatory work, one more floor could be used for new classes on the new school year. We removed wallpaper, cleared a gigantic amount of school furniture back and forth, slashed the openings for the new cables into the walls with a slot cutter and began to fetch/debark/edit robinine logs for a "green classroom" (a kind of roundel in several sitting days for outdoor lessons – knocked off by the school Großbardau :-).

In our free time we were bowling, for ice-eating full in Rötha, making funny group games with crab fight etc., were in the climbing forest Beucha, in the autobahn lake/Albrechtshainer See bathing…

Flyers for participants, to call for support and the participant letter:

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You can get the best impression of the camp location, the "working and living conditions" in the WorkCamp and our leisure activities via the photo gallery: