The children's and youth ring Leipziger Land ( wanted to conjure up a site of youth work from the former roller skating rink – and we helped. The terrain was initially neglected and from the planned dirt bike track you could only see a few piles of earth. We de-trashed and gutted the building (which was already almost 100% inhabited by forest ants – hat off to Lysi and Kathi!), ripped out walls, dug a drying ditch around the outer wall, repaired the roof and laid new roofing board, ripped out the ceiling insulation, plucked weeds, removed small wildly grown trees and shrubs, cut various hedges, built a fire pit, re-created a volleyball field and prepared an outbuilding for a planned bicycle workshop. Now the roller skating rink is an intercultural meeting place:

Since there was no water and electricity connection on the site, our place of residence was in tents in the parish garden of the parish of Bad Lausick – thanks for that! In our spare time Memo – the doner man from Bad Lausick – invited us to a doner dinner for everyone, we had a lot of fun with water bottle rocket (manned and unmanned spaceflight) and Diabolos, campfires in the pathi yurt, played nice experience-educational group games, were in Colditz at the market at the ice cream café Venezia for "ice-eating" , with which we paddled over the hollow.

Flyers for participants, to call for support and the participant letter:

… and the following was to be found in the media:

You can get the best impression of the camp location, the "working and living conditions" in the WorkCamp and our leisure activities via the photo gallery:

2019: Andreas Rauhut from the Children's and Youth Ring Leipziger Land writes in retrospect about our camp: "The work camp of the JG Machern was the initial ignition for the new operation of the 'Alte Rollschuhbahn' Bad Lausick. Thanks to its active support, it is now a lively place for sport and encounter." Flyer on the use of the "roll" and a photo from the cycling day 2019