The idyllically located site of the Schaddelmühle in Schaddel – a district of Großbothen – was badly affected by the 2002 flood. Since the artist living in the house categorically rejected all flood aids, the association stood after his death with a lot of work – but without reconstruction funding. Here we saw a need for action and chose Schaddel for two WorkCamp years! We removed trees whose roots almost brought down a wall and dug the wall free and partially. We were able to transport the earth with a conveyor belt, we humped the debris by wheelbarrow into the upper part of the yard into a container. We dug a ditch for a water or was it a sewage pipe and removed old rootstocks.

In the evening we made fire in the rustic cottage – everywhere sculptures and art objects in the house. We played table tennis, made campfires and sang to the guitar of Lars, a resident of the village showed us a machine for making wonderful fruit cocktails – super delicious, we played mini golf in Nimbschen monastery and visited the monastery ruins, were fed up in Grimma near Eibeck Eisessen. We could sleep in the house, a kitchen was also available, otherwise artists would stay here…

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