Here is the beginning of the Macherner WorkCamps. Due to the bad impression that the outer walls of the Leulitz church made on us, we worked for three years from 2004-2006 in our own parish at the church. Thankfully we were accommodated in former company apartments of Macherner Landwirtschafts GmbH & Co KG in the village.

In 2004, under the supervision of the State Office of Archaeology, we dug up the erdberg, lowered the lightning protection, removed a tree of life that was afflicting the outer wall, and already had parts in the entrance area. Preparatoryly, we attended a course in the quarry stone tweaking in Oschatz.

In our spare time we were fed up with ice cream at the Lilly Vanilly Waldsteinberg, bathed a lot in the Altenbacher "Schwarzen Steg" with tractor tires, did a factory tour at anona in Colditz with soft ice tasting, took a historic village walk and were able to visit the animals with the Böhme family in the old manor, were riding at the riding stable Kunze in Altenbach and painted the walls of our accommodation interesting in color…

Flyers for participants, to call for support and the participant letter:

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You can get the best impression of the camp location, the "working and living conditions" in the WorkCamp and our leisure activities via the photo gallery: