Dear Wörkis,

While we’re in the midst of prize fever, we’ve neglected to tell you something. In February of this year, we applied for the simul+Mitmachfond. This ideas competition serves to strengthen collaborative and innovative approaches in all regions of Saxony. We applied to provide our workcamps with basic equipment for a mobile workcamp kitchen and a more pleasant working environment on the construction site. After we submitted our application (see below), a project team from the Saxon State Board of Trustees for Rural Areas evaluated all the ideas submitted. From these “most creative and innovative project ideas”, the best submissions were selected by an independent jury. We are proud to be among the 500 prize winners from Saxony and to have been awarded €5,000. We are happy that new cable drums, construction spotlights, numerous kitchen utensils, many large pots, ladles and an amazing potato masher have already arrived.

We are already looking forward to the next work camp with you and the new equipment.